Daily Reach: TV Versus Online Video

OTT is eclipsing conventional TV in Greater China, Malaysia and Singapore.

29 November 2016


Among connected consumers, online video is now more popular than broadcast TV in China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, according to a recent study of viewing habits from research agency Kantar TNS.

We have highlighted some key findings in our slideshow below.

The survey also shows that TV remains popular among people with access to the internet in many other Asia-Pacific markets, especially in large growth economies in South and Southeast Asia.

Nonetheless, the results highlight the challenges broadcasters face as the internet opens up competition for that precious resource, people’s time.

Daily reach remains an exacting yardstick – unlike looser measures that count occasional use – but a useful one that also reflects well on time spent.

Our slideshow compares daily reach among internet users for broadcast TV as well as a range of online options – free OTT, SVOD and catch-up TV.

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